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Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality can simply be defined as the process of real world environment representation with the help of computer aided sensory inputs such as GPS data, graphics, audio and video. In other words, every single object that you come across in day to day life can be augmented with the help of an augmented reality software program.

How does augmented reality work? When you turn on the camera of your smartphone and direct it to an object, you will see that object in the screen. The information that you can see through the display are overlaid into the real information. Info popups such as interactive widgets, images and fully customizable HTML blocks play a major role behind this process. In other words, information that can be overlaid is associated with several constraints such as the development, ability, and imagination.

How can augmented reality be used in your business? If you are a business owner, you must have contacted with your customers in different methods. You must have sent them a mail on behalf of your business or else you might have handed out a business card. The main objective of all these printed materials is to enhance the visibility of your business. The best thing is that all these printed stuff can seek the assistance of augmented reality in order to create an immediate action.

Just think of a situation where you send your quarterly newsletter along with a link to the customers, so that they can redeem their most valuable patron coupon. This can keep your customers away from the hassle of visiting your website, searching for the MVP entry box and filling the captcha code.  This can eliminate the human error that is associated with the process while saving a lot of time. Think of another situation where you own a restaurant. You need to let your customers know about the items available in the lunch menu every day. You can enjoy the benefit of augmented reality in that instance as well. You just need to create one single printed price. Then you just need to update the information that pops up according to your specific needs and requirements.

Augmented reality can help both small scale businesses as well as large corporations. This is a cost effective solution and you will be able to save thousands of dollars in the long run. In addition to that, the technology is readily available and you can use it at any time you want. Along with the development of technology, businesses are looking for a method to get the best out of augmented reality. However, you need to keep in mind that Apple has obtained the copyright protection for it in all iOS devices. This has created a huge drawback as many companies that offer augmented reality services have their own app. But it will not be a big issue for print media.

For your next Augmented Reality campaign, contact the experts at Ultimate Image Printing.  We can turn your ideas into reality….”augmented reality.”

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