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Retail Graphics Can Help Close Sails

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In the world of retail, motivating the consumer is everything.  After all, product manufacturers are only profitable if consumers decide to purchase from the store that’s stocking shelves and racks with their goods.  Even while online sales continue to boom, shoppers are still flocking to their favorite retailers to make purchases.  In fact, it’s estimated that two thirds of gross domestic product consumption comes from retail.  The relationship between the retailer and the consumer is paramount.  Yet the retailer has to work harder than ever to draw the consumer in and use merchandising and entertainment to make a sale.Retailers who are well aware of this fact place constant emphasis not only their external marketing efforts, but also their retail environments.


Successful retailers know that shopping isn’t about making a purchase, it’s about having an experience, and this is where innovation and creativity come into play.More and more retailers are relying on store displays, props and signage to get customers inside stores.  One way in which retailers are attracting customers is by using wall and floor graphics in combination.  This marketing tactic is effective because customers’ eyes are immediately engaged as they pass by stores with graphic displays that they usually decide to go in to see more.  Once inside, they stay in stores to get a better view of the artistry and then they check out merchandise, prompting sales.


Another huge trend in retail marketing is to combine wall and floor graphics with the use of digital.  While consumers are very engrossed in the latest technology, leading brick and mortar stores have learned that they don’t necessarily have to get people off their phones to get their attention.  Instead, they can create environments with floor and wall graphics that include memorable mobile experiences.  “Retailers are keenly aware of the importance of engaging their in-store customers, where over 90 percent of their business is derived,” said Pete Coleman, executive vice president and manager of StoreMode at Point Inside, in an interview with Mobile Commerce Daily.  He continued, “Millennials, in particular, prefer digital engagement versus store associate interaction during their in-store path to purchase, thus challenging retailers’ traditional store operations models.”

To survive in today’s competitive retail economy, stores must break away from tradition and embrace innovation.  Old marketing tactics such as sales signs, conventional window displays and dolled up mannequins just aren’t enough.  For retailers, the challenge is standing out.  The solution to that challenge is a winning formula of part graphics, part mobile and a whole lot of interaction.

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